Human Trust Sàrl (ltd), Foyer Insurance Broker, is a family based business which was started in 1971 and has been taken over in 2011 by the son of the founder Vic Puraye Sr. , Vic Puraye Jr. as well as their young associate M. Alex Schommer are providing their customers with insurance services, financial advice, financial savings and car credit solutions for private persons as well as for companys.

The Foyer Group is the leading insurance provider on the Luxemburg market, and is also one of the country’s foremost private financial players.

With this strong partner, we want to offer you the best protection and opportunities for the future. Your Trust makes us proud.

Our Goal:

  • To make sure you fully understand our products,
  • to guide you towards the right choice for your needs, and
  • to provide you with the perfect solutions to your needs.

Degrees, awards and experience:

M. Alex Schommer,


M. Vic Puraye Jr.,

  • 2001 – Highschooldegree in Finance – Lycée Robert Schuman Luxemburg;
  • 04th November 2003 – One of four company founders of Do it 4 You A.S.B.L. N°F245 – Web based exchange platform providing a meeting point for businesses and students willing to find a student-job or desiring information how to proceed after student life. This foundation has been taking over by the Ministry of work and employement ;
  • 2004 – Bachelor in Company Management, Luxemburg University;
  • 2004 – Official Licence as Insurance Broker and official Foyer Insurance Broker;
  • 2004-2008 – Insurance Claims Officer @ Foyer Insurance S.A.;
  • 2008-2011 – Client Relationship Manager @ Banque Raiffeisen S.C. / Luxemburg-City Branch 2008 and from 2009 on Limpertsberg Branch;
  • 2009 – Active Member of Theaterfrenn Mansfeldia Clausen A.s.b.l.;
  • 2010 – Comitee Member of Theaterfrenn Mansfeldia Clausen A.s.b.l. ;
  • 27th september 2011 – Company Director of Human Trust ltd B163585 and Company Manager @ Garage Puraye ltd. ;
  • 30 February 2012 – Comitee Member and Cashier of Comité Alstadt A.s.b.l. ;


M. Vic Puraye Sr.,

  • 1971 – Official Licence as Insurance Broker and official Foyer Insurance Broker;
  • 25 years of loyal services for Le Foyer Insurance on 7th june 1996
  • 40 years of loyal services for Foyer S.A. on 20th mai 2011
  • 4th June 1963 – certificat of professional engineer
  • 14th January 1969 – Start of a Car Repaircompany and Petrol Station Owner – Route de Longwy, 8080 Bertrange
  • 1970 – Official Honda Car Dealer
  • 1971 – M. Puraye succeeded to M. Blau Paul, father of his wife, who founded his independant company in 1934 on 219, rte. d’Esch L-1471 Luxembourg-Hollerich
  • 1971 – Official Licence as Insurance Broker
  • 1973 – Official Licence of Master Craftsman in Automobil Industry
  • 1st October 1974 – Automobil Industry Expert
  • 1979 – Vic Puraye Ets. moved to 185 rte de Thionville L-2611 Howald
  • 06 June 1986 – Official Licence of Liquefied petroleum gas (also called LPG, GPL LP Gas, or liquid propane gas) Car fitter and repairman
  • 1997 – Switch to Official Daewoo Reseller
  • 16th september 1997 – Renewel of Automobil Industry Expert
  • 2000 – Switch and until now Official Lada Reseller