• Everyone linked to our page via Facebook is automatically a participant in future raffles;
  • Every raffle has a fixed closing time; all participants who register after this closing time will not be able to participate in the on-going raffle. These participants are however automatically registered for the subsequent raffle;
  • Due to Facebook regulations, the participants have to provide a way to be contacted by the organisers of events by leaving a private Facebook message or by leaving a message by mail on: [email protected];
  • The organisers will use the provided contact details to contact the winners of the raffle;
  • The winners have a day to respond to the winning message; if there is no response the next winner in line will be contacted;
  • If the organisers are not able to reach any of the winners that participated in the raffle, the prize will be raffled off to other company customers;
  • The prizes and the number of prizes are decided by the organizers prior to the start of the raffle. The conditions for winning the prizes are also fixed prior to the start of the raffle and are available on the organizers’ website www.humantrust.lu;
  • The personal data you transmit are:
  1. treated confidentially;
  2. used for contact purposes only;
  3. not transmitted to third parties;
  4. treated according to the laws concerning the personal data protection as stipulated by the government of Luxembourg