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Travel Insurance and more

Foyer travel insurance provides overall coverage of the risks related to private travel, alone or with the family, whatever the destination or the period of departure.. STRONG POINTS OF OUR TRAVEL INSURANCE Why choose Foyer Voyage? Protection of all family members Luggage insurance Travel cancellation insurance Payment of medical expenses abroad Assistance 24h/24 everywhere throughout the world MAKE SAVINGS Occasional or regular traveller Foyer offers cover that you may choose individually, with two subscription formulas Foyer Voyage Temporary: all-in-one protection for an occasional journey. Foyer Voyage Annual: the ideal package if you make several journeys in the year. Travel...

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Nothing is more important than your health!!!

We are sure you will agree that nothing should be more important than your health. Unfortunately, health insurance funds do not always take care of all medical expenses, and chances are fees in the coming years will increase. In that case, the financial impact may become a burden to the family budget, especially if there is: Long-term illness Hospitalization Surgery Expensive dental treatment such as dentures or orthodontic treatment Therefore we would like to show you two different possibilities to cover you against some of these situations in private life as well as at work:    Supplementary Health Insurance...

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